You've got mail

Today I got the best piece of mail I've had all year!

What is it you may want to know??? Well, I have to give you the back story first, so you can appreciate it as much as I did. Good things come to those who wait.....

OK back up to the first week of January, Chris and I were hopping from open house to open house and checking out all these great old homes on Queen Anne, looking for the "one." While admiring the built-ins, the hardwood floors and the updated kitchens, I would also check out the decor. In a few of the houses we looked at they had a framed picture of the original house. They were great old black and white photos that the city took for an old land survey or something.

Anyway, once we were sure that we got our house, I started on a quest to find an original photo of ours, so I too could frame it and hang it in the living room like all my neighbors.

Since we have this amazing new thing called the internet, I assumed that I could just do a quick Google search and print out an old photo in no time. What I forgot is that the internet was not around in 1918 when our house was built- thus old photos are not on the internet. But my friend the internet did not let me down. It led me to Washington State Archives.

There I met a very nice researcher named Greg, who found me a 1937 photo of the house. He also found old records, a construction permit and a few other records that I need Chris to decipher for me. I've now been waiting for 2 weeks to see this amazing photo and to see how much the house has changed over the years.

Drum roll please.....

Here is a recent photo for comparison..... notice anything??

There is no difference!!!

I can't beleive it. Our house was originally only 1 story, but now it has a whole upstairs where the bedrooms and 2nd bathroom are located, so I was SURE that the house would have looked different. But NOTHING!!

They built the upstairs in the existing attic and apparently didn't change anything on the outside. The only thing I can find is the addition of skylights, which were not in the original photo (although it's hard to see).

After all this waiting I was a bit disappointed, but I got over that pretty fast. I love the charm of the white writing on the photo, the faded colors and the big tree in bloom. Now, to find the perfect old time-y frame and the perfect wall to hang it on.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. I think that is the cutest idea! I would have never thought to find the original picture. I think that's really neat too that it looks exactly the same. You'll have to dig around more antique stores to find just the right frame!


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