Puppy Envy

I love a puppy. I love their puppy fur, their puppy smell and their puppyness- where they fall asleep in your arms and cuddle up and lay in your lap.

I want a puppy. Now.

I have had a puppy before, but never have I actually had to be the full time caregiver for the puppy- which is the only thing that is stopping me from running out and getting one right now! I know how much work a puppy is, but I still really, really really want one.

Unfortunately, Chris (the rational one) thinks we should wait until we are settled in the new house before we bring a new puppy into the family.

So, I thought I should take a stroll down puppy memory lane and relive Turbo as a puppy. Wasn't he cute??? Why can't they stay that small and fluffy forever?


  1. You can borrow mine? She's all the work and stress you'll need to kick that puppy envy. :)

  2. Its amazing and wonderful and just buy lots of paper towels and carpet cleaner! :)


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