Love is a fickle thing

So, we've been doing a lot of window shopping lately and lucky (or unlucky) for us we keep falling in love with lots of different things! Which means inevitably we will be in love with any of the items we eventually buy- it's a win/win!

Remember when I fell in love with this trunk? Well, I took Chris to the vintage store this weekend and when we got there to look at the trunk, it was gone!!! What a bummer, guess it wasn't meant to be. Never fear, Chris decided to mention at that point that he "wasn't sold on the trunk idea anyway"... thanks for the heads up dear. It all worked out for the best anyway since, it turns out that my mom has a very similar trunk sitting in the basement just waiting for me to take to my house! I bet Chris can get "sold on the trunk idea" when it comes for free! So look at that we are back in love with trunks (albeit free trunks).

OK moving on to other things we are in love with. We have been on a serious dining room table hunt. You know who has dining room tables? Grown ups who have houses, that's who. Whoa, that's us! We have been casually eating off our sectional couch and coffee table for the last 3 years in our loft, and now we realize it is time to make a serious upgrade. We are adults. Adults need a dining room table (especially when you have a whole dining room to fill).

Guess what? Dining room tables are freaking expensive!! Plus, we don't want to buy a cheap-y one at Ikea, because we plan on keeping the very adult table for a long time- we are looking at it as an investment. So, we have been scourering Seattle looking for the best dining room table around. We basically have figured out the shape (rectangle), the size and the color, but we have not nailed down the exact type of table we want- extension vs non extension.

This is the 1st one we fell in love with at Crate & Barrel. It is an extension table and it goes from really small to really large (seats 12), and we liked that the top was medium colored and the bottom was darker, which gave it some interest. (Please ignore the floral chair) The only thing stopping us from running home with this guy was that it maybe looked a bit too modern for our old place... well, that and the cost. Crate & Barrel is not exactly the place to find the best deal.

Then I found this one that I thought Chris would like (I thought wrong). Apparently the rectangle cut outs were a bit too much. This guy fell out of the love category quickly.

Then there was this guy, I call him the farm table. We really liked this one and it has so much character, being that is is hand made from reclaimed teak wood (did I mention sustainable and green?? Carey should be so proud of me). We walked around this guy for nearly 30 mins falling in love with all the knots and variations in the wood and it's not-too-perfect look, then we walked away and put him along with the C&B table on the love-but-cannot-afford list.

Then we saw this guy, he is the big dark table. We were sold, well maybe. We loved the interesting lattice work along the base. This guy felt like a grown up table that you could keep for a million years. It was such a substantial piece of wood, that we couldn't stop looking at him. Only one problem. Was he too substantial for our 1918 dining room? We rushed to the house this morning to measure the dining room to see if this guy can take his rightful place in our home. (How did we get in the house you ask? Well, the other agent left the key box on the door for us, for just this type of occasion). Anyway we measured and good news, he fits!!! So he was added to the love-but-cannot-afford list as well.

So here we are, in love with 3 tables. Yes, we love them all, but today we finally pulled the trigger on on of them. Can you guess which one? Which one would you have gone with??

What?? We spent money?? I know, you are as surprised as I am, especially with 2000-poverty in full swing, but hear me out. The farm table & the the big dark table were at this vintage Indonesian wood shop in South Lake Union where all the pieces are hand made. What I didn't mention before is that this store was having a 50% off sale through the end of February!! I know, how exciting. But wait... TODAY is the end of February!

Chris and I decided that we loved the big dark table and had to have it, so we rushed back to the store today before the 6pm closing to be able to get the sale price (because 50% is a screaming deal!!!). When we got there, we walked around the big dark table and realized we loved him, but we loved him in another house- not the one we actually own. We decided he would swallow the room, and we didn't want that. What we did want was this charm of this guy- the farm table.

Look at these legs!

We love him. We really love him. So funny have you can go in planning on buying one thing and leave with such a different thing. Hmmm. Apparently we are fickle and can be swayed by a handmade table top of 3 reclaimed teak planks AND a 50% deal. So this guy is all ours. We pick him up Wednesday along with 2 "man chairs" that were a seriously screaming deal (even more than 50% off) and Chris was in love with them for his office (pics to come later). Another bonus- we have 30 days to love this guy in our home, and if we don't, he is totally returnable! PS did I mention we blew our whole budget for 2011. Perhaps 2012 will be the year of the chair (hopefully chairs).

Oh one more thing. We are having a couch dilemma. We have a family room with a TV off the kitchen and need a small (budget) couch to put in it. So you tell me, which couch do you like best?

Are you swayed by the "sale sign" like I am????


  1. I like the second one - regardless of the 'sale sign'... but that certainly makes me love it even more!


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