Must Love Built-Ins

Do you have a love for built-in's? I do. I really do.

When we walked into our house I immediately loved the built-ins.

Did I mention that our house has a secretary desk built in?? Perhaps the most amazing thing ever. It will be the perfect place for me to write all my correspondence! It even has little drawers and nooks for my ink wells and feather quills.....

I'm still figuring out what I will use this for, but I think I want to keep it open all the time. It just has so much character! On the other side we have this glass cabinet. Again, I have no idea what we are going to put in there.

I do want to maybe steal a great idea from Young House Love
and paint the background with a dark color to off set the shelves, just like this:

Photo courtesy of Young House Love.

Lucky for us, the previous owners loved built-ins and put them in the office and the TV room!

Think we have enough built-ins? We don't. Just wait until we redo the basement....


  1. Ash this is so entertaining to read! I love the updates, can't wait to help paint and be recruited for home projects, cause I know I will be :) Love you!

  2. Love them! Our 1908er isn't a craftsman style, so no fun built-ins for us ... we do have an excellent "Butler's Pantry" ... now if only I had a butler to use it!


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