Things undone

I wake up with the best of intentions each day.

Usually that includes getting to work early, get home with enough time to play with Hunter before bed, and accomplish at least one house chore.

Pretty much every day I only get 1 out of 3 actually done.

No matter what, I'm failing at something.  

In general, I end up late to work (for a myriad of reasons, including too many morning snuggles with Hunter), which then puts me home late- so I basically get to put Hunter in jammies and feed him his bottle before his head hits the pillow.

Then, since it's usually around 8pm at that time, I decide to forgo the chore or job I had planned for the night and spend that time catching up on my DVR, catching up on work or going to bed early. Honestly, I would go to bed at 9:30 every night if I could, but most nights, that is right about when we sit down to dinner (cooked by my wonderful husband).

So, all that is to say that I'm constantly behind on everything.

Working full time and being a parent require more hours than there are in a day (...said every working parent since the beginning of time).  Really, I need a 36 hour day just so I can accomplish everything and still get a good amount of sleep (as opposed to the 6 hours I've been getting these days).

But, since I don't see the 24 hour day getting extended anytime soon, I make choices.  I sacrifice the chores for family time (or tv time).

That is an easy choice. Chores will always be there.

Speaking of chores.

They are there.

And I continue to ignore them.  Some for weeks and some for much longer.

Like the case of the broken doorknob.

It was quite a long time ago when I confessed my love of vintage glass doorknobs.  We have them throughout our house. 

Well, sometimes the old knobs break.

We had a faulty knob on our coat closet.  It was kind of a party trick for a while, where people would go to open the closet, and the knob would come off in their hands.  Then we would accuse them of breaking a one of a kind vintage knob.  After they had the appropriate moment of shock and panic, we would all laugh over the bad joke we were playing on our guests.

So, one day, when the knob fell off in my hand for the millionth time that week, I finally didn't put it back.
I actually left the door knobless for a few days, which made it pretty difficult to get to our coats.

So, instead of trying to fix the original knob, or getting a new one, I decided to create my own knob-ish thing (yes, that is the technical term).

Since this closet doesn't actually have a latch, the knob never turned, so I didn't need a functional knob, just a handle to open and close the door with.

So, I channeled my inner MacGyver and grabbed some left over ribbon and a golf tee and fashioned a loopy-handle thing (also a technical term).  The ribbon loop provides a way to pull the door open, and the golf tee keeps the ribbon from pulling through the handle hole.

This was supposed to be a short term solution.

That was 3 months ago and I still haven't fixed the broken knob.

And speaking of broken things.

I broke the microwave handle last week when I was running late for work (do you sense a theme yet).

Apparently I don't know my own strength. 

I was simply opening the microwave when the bottom handle cracked off.

Obviously, I didn't have time to fix it right then, so I did the next best thing.

I duct taped it.

Yes, that is UW Husky duct tape. 

It doesn't really hold it together, it more just reminds us not to grab the handle at the bottom.

I think this fix is going to be a bit difficult, so I'm going to have to do my research on this one.

So, like the doorknob, it could be a few months before this thing gets fixed. 

These are all on my to-do list for the weekend, but they fall pretty far behind throwing the football with Hunter, taking Ketchum to the dog park, taking a family nap, hanging out with Chris or catching up on a work project while Hunter is sleeping.

So I'm not sure when I will get around to checking these chores of my list, but that is fine with me.

Life isn't perfect, and I have abandoned the picture perfect world of before & afters.

Right now, there are only befores.

I'm fully embracing the realness of my life.

A life that uses duct tape to hold together a kitchen appliance.

A life that includes a small person who has recently discovered a love of peeing on the floor any chance he can get. Which means that I have to triage cleaning up pee before accomplishing other chores. 

And let me tell you, once you have cleaned up pee- you are pretty much done for the night.