And we're back...

I'm finally back to reality (and work).

I had the most lovely break.  

And, for once, I actually checked out (from the interwebs, that is).

I usually am connected to my laptop and my phone at all times, but over the last 16 blissful days of vacation I haven't really touched my laptop, and for the last week, I've been out of cell coverage and WiFi range.

It nice to take a break sometimes.

I actually feel rested.  Like I just got up from my long winter's nap.

2013 was a pretty awesome year, and it was really nice to end it with a proverbial and literal long, deep breath.

We got home from vacation on Saturday, and of course our house is a nightmare of unpacking, laundry (so much laundry), left over Christmas boxes, candy and pine needles in every crevice.  

I'd say I'll have the house cleaned up by sometime in February. 

To be honest, I'm not trying that hard.  I abandoned the cleaning ship about 2 hours in.  I was too overwhelemed.

So, instead of doing what I should, I decided to spend time sorting through my hundreds of photos from the last few weeks and the last 12 months.

I decided to pic my top 10 photos of 2013. They tell the story of our year pretty well.  I promise, they are not ALL of Hunter.

10.  Ketchum loves laying in the sun....don't we all?  I remember sneaking up on him to snap this pic, since most of the time he can hear me coming and moves, this is a rare photo of our lazy pup watching the world go by.  It's pretty typical Ketchum, which makes this one of my faves from this year.

9. I love Brandi Carlile.  Honestly, she is one of few musicians that I absolutely adore.  I could listen to her music all day long, every day. So, when she came to town to play a show for the zoo, my friend who works there got me (and my besties) special behind-the-scenes passes.

When Brandi walked out of her trailer, I had a bit of star-struck awe and literally couldn't put two words together....which is so unlike me.  I basically hid behind the baby and then stammered something about possibly taking a picture.  She was too kind and even took two so we got one where Hunter was looking (what a great face he made). 

I'm not much for celebrities, but this was kind of a big moment for me.  So even though this is not the best pic, it totally was an amazing night! (Please note that my skirt is matching Hunter's hoodie)

8. We went to a kick-ass wedding in Bend this summer, where I got to be a bridesmaid to my friend Ashley. Her wedding was spectacular on many levels, one of which was that half way through the night I realized that we had TONS of open champagne bottles from the toast, so I decided to pass them out to everyone on the dance floor (MUST NOT waste good champagne). 

The photographer snapped this pic in the midst of my distribution, and it totally captures the best part of the night...and my awkward smile that I do when I don't know what to do with my face. 

Did I mention that champagne is my drink of choice? That is perhaps why I couldn't allow all those bottles to go to waste.

7. Sometime kids do the darnedest things. Like make out with their cousins.

Hunter and Annabelle have a propensity to kiss each other.  A lot.

At the children's museum they went so far as to climb through the window of a play house to smooch.  I love how Hunter goes in with his mouth wide open, because if kissing your cousin wasn't awkward enough...

6. You know what makes me happy?  When Husky football, garage sales, tailgating and Hunter unite.

Hunter joined us at the very first Husky game of the year, and he had a blast tailgating with us, high-fiving all our friends and showing off his arms-in-the-air-touchdown-dance. 

I broke out my sweet dawg-bone "hat" that I snagged at a garage sale for 25 cents and popped Hunter in the Baby Bjorn. We had a blast that afternoon (up until game time, where he started crying) and this has to be my favorite pic from the whole season. It makes me excited for him to get a bit older and join us at all the games!

5.  Oh my gosh....that face.

I know, I'm his mom and totally biased, but this pretty much captures Hunter in all his messy baby-ness. 

We were in Washington DC and stumbled upon an amazing Lebanese restaurant that happened to LOVE kids.  They set Hunter up with his own area of the table and kept bringing out baby friendly dishes, mostly lots of yummy hummus.  Hunter took full advantage and stuck both hands into the food.  Half made it in his mouth, a quarter made it on his face, in his eyes, smashed into his hair and the other quarter was scattered all over the floor and table.

I snapped this pic after he was done, before I wiped him down from head to toe.  I love the expression, the crusty face and of course, those eyes.

4. Before you have a baby, you don't realize what it means to have a date night. Because it's not called a date night, its simply called a night.  When you don't have any responsibilities, you can go out to dinner, or to a movie or heck... to San Francisco if you want, because you CAN and you don't have to plan ahead.

At this point in our lives, we pretty much plan for everything. Spontaneous date nights and trips are few and far between, and I haven't seen a movie in the theater in well over 12 months. So, even though it sounds like I'm complaining, I not.  Well I am, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Hunter is 110% worth never seeing a movie in the theater again. 

This photo was snapped on DINK night (double income no kids) with our good friends, and we hit up 2 parties and then had a late dinner and drinks. It was worthy of a photo to commemorate the fun times- and it wasn't even on my phone- I used a real camera.

Plus, the sunset was pretty much perfect, I was tan and a side braid was actually working for me (which never happens).  So, I love this photo for the perfection of the night, the hair and the date (what a hunky hubby).

3. My friend Ashley got married this year.  Her wedding goes down in the books for one of the best times ever.  Seriously, that lady knows how to throw a party (refer to photo #8 for proof).  

In preparation for her wedding, we realized we had never taken a photo together in the decade we have known each other (weird right).  So we attempted to take a non-awkward picture together, which is pretty much impossible for the both of us. On top of our awkwardness, the camera was set on a weird function, and we ended up with this gem... I think it's phenomenal.

2. This photo reminds me to laugh at terrible situations...and how much of a good-sport Chris is.  I made him take a commemorative photo with our Audi, which we wrecked pretty badly on a couple's-only trip to Vancouver BC.  

I wasn't sure if it was going to be totaled or not, and I didn't want to just abandon on in Canada without somehow commemorating our time with the Audi. So, I made us take this awkward and awesome photo.  

And then, we ended up getting our car back, which makes this photo even more hilarious.

1. This is hands down my favorite picture of the year. Oh the action, the feeling, the drama.  

What cracks me up is that I was trying to take a cute "I'm One" picture to use for Hunter's birthday invite. I was pulling out all the stops making funny faces, silly sounds and dancing all over the place (in the front yard, mind you).  I just kept snapping away hoping to capture something usable.

Oh boy, did we get a winner.  I actually printed it out and posted it on my whiteboard at work for people to make their own meme.  I think I am going to save this for his high school senior year book. Too much awesomeness in this photo.