A year already

Happiest of birthdays to our first born... 

Ketchum is one year old today!

What exactly is an appropriate 1st birthday gift for a puppy?

Stop rolling your eyes. 

It's not like I'm throwing him a puppy birthday party or anything.

I think I'm going to buy him a bacon flavored nylabone.

He'll be ecstatic.

Maybe I'll just take him to the pet store and let him pick something out...

Either way, he'll be a happy puppy.

So now to celebrate, let's look at a year's worth of cuteness.
The day we brought Ketchum home (2.5 months old), also the day we found out he was car sick...
He hates anything to be on him, so he refuses to wear his collar
He gave me a heart attack when he hid in the bushes and didn't come when called
Walks take forever because he has to stop to scratch his collar every few blocks

He stands guard waiting for Chris to come home and watch the people walk by
Finally mastered the stairs, and can come and go as he pleased in the back yard

His first trip to Camano Island, where he learned to swim and has never been so tired
Trying out his Husky bandana for football season

He loves watching football with dad
Too cool for school
He helped me paint Hunter's room (4 months old)
Still not wearing his collar (5 months)
The winter version of waiting for dad at the door
This is how he shares the bed (7 months)
He likes watching basketball as much as he likes watching football. He's an equal tv-opportunist.
Getting muddy at the park is a weekly occurrence (8 months)
Laying in the sun is his favorite thing, he moves around the house to the sun spots throughout the day (10 months)

He loves to run, and appreciates a good sunset (11 months)
Finally, on the eve of his birth, he has established himself as the king of all the throw pillows.

Happy birthday puppy-love.