Home sweet home

Home again, home again, jiggity jig....

I'm home. Finally.  For good... or at least until I leave again.

I'm sure you didn't even notice I was gone, but these last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me.

Cue the deep breaths.

In the last 24 days, I have been in 3 states, on 4 airplanes, attended my high school reunion, a great friend's retirement party, a work conference, and thrown 2 HUGE work events.

In the last 24 days, I have slept in beds other than my own 12 times... that is 50% of my nights in strange beds.  Technically, the beds were not strange, they were either at hotels or at family homes, but still... that is a lot of time to spend away from my own, very comfortable (with my favorite pillows), bed.

No offense to any of my recent beds, but there is something about my own bed. I miss it when I'm gone.  I'm sure it misses me too.

So instead of boring you with the details of everything I have been doing, I'll photo dump and hope that the pretty pictures keep you entertained.

And, yes.  There are pictures of my protruding stomach.  You are welcome.

First, I spent 4 days with family in Phoenix soaking up the 90+ heat and floating in the pool, in a bikini, that is quickly becoming less and less flattering (no, I didn't take a picture of that).  Eating dessert every night (omg Dessert....) and generally relaxing and having fun with my cousins. (No comments about how dessert is affecting the flattering-ness of my bikini).

My amazing cousins, Sammy and Braden (oh, and the pool is behind us, I love the pool)
Family dinner
The "Pizz-ookie" that is worth the flight to Phoenix just by itself.

The Candy Bowl in Scottsdale, a whole restaurant with a menu with 4 pages of desserts. Heaven!
I was sad to leave the warmth, the pool, the great fam and the desserts.... but glad to come home to Chris, who had painted the kitchen while I was away! (Painting still in progress)

I returned to 4 days of  pure craziness at work with 2 HUGE events.  The highlight was my companion for the day at my Golf Tournament...
Harlee, the golf dog, which reignited my hunt for a dog!
We then went into the whirlwind back to back party weekend.  You know me.  I'm a regular party animal!

We kicked it off in style with a fantastic retirement party for our great family friend Gary.  Many years ago, I babysat his 2 children, who are now 17 and 21...my very first nanny kids!  They are so fantastic and grown up.  It makes me realize how old I truly am!
Eric & Emily, who are both taller than me now!
Love Mary.
This was the "we should take a picture" since we were all dressed up
End of the night, with the man of honor
We partied until 1am.... which was awesome, (I got a second wind around 10pm, and probably could have kept going). Our 1am night seemed less fun the next day when we both were exhausted and had to go to my high school reunion.

When was the last time I partied two nights in a row.....?  Never comes to mind.

The reunion was fantastic and a huge success.  We'll chat about it more later... promise.  Until then, here is one picture to tide you over.
Besties Sara and Doug.  Sara and I were cheer leaders together.
Literally 6 hours after getting home from the reunion, we had to hop on a plane and fly to Chicago for a work conference.

Can you find us in the bean?

Architecture boat tour with Katherine

So now we are home. 

I'm DONE with planes for a while... that is until we get the call that our baby niece has been born, and then we have to hop on a plane to visit her in California. 

And THEN I'll be done with traveling.