Craigslist creepin'

Craigslist and I have had a long standing love/hate relationship. 

Sometimes I'm really into Craigslist, and he (Craig) is really into me.  But then, we get bored with each other and we don't hang out for a long time.

Right now, I'm back on the love train with Craigslist.

We are on a mission to clean out our house and de-clutter before we re-clutter with baby stuff.  We spent hours emptying our basement (which is where all random things go to die) and found a ton of stuff to get rid of.

While Chris was loading up the car to go on a dump run and I was saving items as quickly as he was throwing them in the dump pile.

Chris can't imagine why anyone would want our junk.

I convinced him that we should at least give some of our items a second life and do a Goodwill donation run along with a dump run.  He was all for it as long it didn't go back into our basement.

Then, while he was off at the dump, getting rid of old insulation and other stuff that came from our kitchen remodel, I decided that I would list some of the items on Craigslist and see if I could make any money on our "junk" before I donated it all.

Who knew that our junk was not really junk at all?

Me and Craig are rocking it out right now!

We had a mini BBQ grill that we used for Husky tailgating a few years back that I listed for $30 even though it had a cracked lid and had burned on food I couldn't get off.  I sold it for $20 within 24 hours. 
The grill was pretty easy to price since it is still for sale, so I just listed it for 50% of the price new. The other items we had in the basement were a bit harder to figure out the price.

Remember the chairs, tables and buckets I used for the back yard baby shower I threw last summer?  I bought all of those items at garage sales for $7 and spent $0 on paint since I already had it on hand.  So pricing that set was a bit hard.  

I kind of love the set, so I decided to go high and may I could keep them if no one wanted them.  At $45 for the set I was sure I wouldn't set them. 

I was wrong.  2 people in 12 hours wanted them and were willing to pay full price.  That is over $35 in profit- now that is what I call an UPcycle.

We also had some odds and ends that I'm not sure anyone will want.  They are still listed and if they don't sell, they are going to Goodwill with our other boxes of donations.

Two different light fixtures from our kitchen renovation:
Buy it!
Buy it!
And a sweet mini-vacuum that used in the loft part of our condo but now we never use:
Buy it!
So I've made $65 so far on stuff we were going to either throw away or give away.  That money is going into my garage sale cash drawer (yes I have a designated drawer for cash) so I can buy cute baby items!