Chose a side

When you first tell someone you are expecting a baby, they always ask the same question.

Is it a boy or a girl?

My answer?

We are not finding out.

This generally results in one of two reactions: either a high five or an immediate look of repulsion, followed by a fake smile where the person tries to pretend they are supportive while at the same time trying with every fiber of their being trying to convince us to find out.

I see both sides, but we both are more excited to be surprised.  We are united on team unknown.

I think we're most excited for the moment the baby comes out and we get to hear the words "Its a .." 

I'm jump-up-and-down excited for that moment.

Our excitement is what is making us hold strong and not find out.

When we went in for our last ultra sound, we were tempted, but we didn't peak (well maybe Chris did a little, but he couldn't see anything).   We had to be very up front with the tech to make sure she didn't slip up and accidentally tell us.

So even though we are not going to find out, we both have a strong feeling about the gender.

We both believe that its a boy.

We have absolutely no reason to believe that, but we both feel strongly it's a boy... and we call him Oscar.

Chris gave him the in-the-belly-name because he said it was like Oscar the grouch.  The baby being Oscar and me being the grouch (thanks hun).  Even though I resisted it at first, it stuck. So for now, it is baby Oscar.  I hope if there is a girl in their she doesn't mind a slightly more masculine nickname.

But there are lots of friends and family who are squarely on team girl.... Oscarina anyone??? 

So now would be time to place your bets.

Team Boy or Team Girl.