Weekend Update

Oh how the time flies when you're having fun.

It happens every year around this time.  The good old Seattle Sun pretends like it is summer for a few weeks during the Spring and all of a sudden our life goes crazy, and before we know it, all of our nights and weekends are booked up through mid-July.

I actually don't even know what we get booked up with, and I realize it's totally our fault.  We get compulsive with doing fun things while the sun is shining.  That just is how it goes.  It's Seattle Sun Syndrome.  

As soon as the sun makes an appearance, it makes all of us Seattleites desire to book everything in advance because the sun's presence reminds us that we only have 3 months of this ahead and so we plan BBQ's, weekend trips, brunch meet ups and after work walks.

We get so busy with planning that we forget that we have literally booked ourselves solid for the next 45 days straight, which doesn't leave us much time at home.

If this doesn't ring a bell, then you are probably just like my friend Ashley who gets hives just looking at my calendar.  She probably is getting hives while reading this.  But, in all reality, she has been a guest at my house twice in the last month, so she is at least partially to blame.


That's where I have been.

BBQ's, wine tasting, family dinners, and after work walks...

AND.... Hawaii.

We skipped off to Hawaii for a little break.

It was glorious and relaxing and I'm tan (which I love). More on that later (not on my tan, on our trip).

So here is what's happened in the time since I bought a whole case of $7 wine. In no particular order of occurrence or importance.
  • We've made it through at least 25% of the case of wine... maybe I should have bought two
  • I planted a blueberry bush, which I'm pretty sure I've almost killed already
  •  On the up side, I managed to grow something really well- although I have no idea what it is or why it's thriving, but it's huge, and it looks like it's going to bloom flowers- please don't tell me this is a weed.
  • I got our living room white rug cleaned, and it pretty much only served as a reminder in showing me how truly dirty our house was (during construction)
  • I got started on my chair project.  It's not even close to being done, but at least I started
  •  We went barrel tasting in Woodinville... and brought a dog (not ours)
  • We interviewed with the Golden Retriever rescue and now we just wait for the call that they found the right dog for us
I think that about sums it up.

Hope you have had a great couple of weeks.  Maybe you drank more wine than us?  Or took a trip and you have a better tan than me?

I'm going to work on both this holiday weekend, hope you do to.