Chris and I sneaked off to Hawaii for a week in Waikiki for a little relaxation and sun.

It was a great vacation.

You will not hear me call it a babymoon, it was a vacation.  We would have taken it baby or no baby.

I'm kind of weird about this whole baby thing. I kept it a secret for a million years.  I refuse to post pictures on Facebook, and I shy away from baby related terms... like babymoon.

For those of you not familiar with the term, it's a last big trip of sorts before the baby comes. Its kind of a new-fangled thing.  My grandmother told me she is hitting my grandfather up for 5 babymoons. She totally deserves them.

I have tons of friends who love and embrace terms like baby moon, baby bump, preggers, push present etc. If you love that stuff, more power to you, but for me, it conjures up images like this:
To each their own, but this is NOT for me.

I'm weird.  I realize that.

So don't' get all excited that you are going to see a pregnant bikini picture here. Heck, I'm guilty of stalking other people's photos to see pregnant pics (in bikinis or otherwise) but I wouldn't post a bikini pic even at my skinniest... so I'm definitely not posting one now.  Sorry to disappoint.

Our trip to Hawaii was pretty much not baby related. It was fun related.

We bought the trip on a whim at an auction... isn't that how all auction items get bought?
This was us on our way to the auction.  Note the flowy dress.... I was starting to show. Plus, now looking at it, I look super chubby....
Well, Chris had never been to Hawaii, so we decided that 2012 was the year to change that.  This package happened to be going for under value and we ended up winning it! Nothing like giving to a good cause and getting a great trip at the same time.

The package included our flight and hotel, breakfast each day, dinner at Nobu, private surf lessons and a 24 hour rental of a Lotus.

Can you guess what got Chris to bid on it?

If you guessed the Lotus, you must be a guy, because every guy I tell about the Lotus gets all excited, and every girl I tell about it says "whats a lotus."

Personally I was looking forward to the daily breakfast (it was sooooo good).

We took advantage of all our trip had to offer.

We drove around the whole island in the Lotus, stopping to snorkel, watch some surfing, take some scenic photos and eat some famous foods.
Just a quick side note about the Lotus.  That car is NOT made for pregnant people.  You literally have to climb in and out, which is exceedingly difficult when your ab muscles are no where to be found.

Our hotel was right across the street from the beach and had a killer view from our room.

We moved to a new hotel for the last 2 nights, and it had a fabulous pool.

We listened to some great Hawaiian music and relaxed.

On our last night there was slightly baby-centric.  We hit the half way mark.  20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go.  It was late at night right before bed and we realized that we didn't even document the "half cooked" day.  So we took the obligatory "pregnancy picture." 

Now we are back, and luckily it has been sunny in Seattle. My tan is already flaking off; I am WAY more sun sensitive now.  So, I'm living in a permanently moisturized state, but it doesn't seem to be saving my tan.  Looks like another vacation needs to be planned- you know, to save my tan :)

We already are talking about heading back to Hawaii. I'm sure babies LOVE Hawaii.