Bedtime terrorist

Remember when we bought Hunter a big boy bed?

Really, it was just a mattress on the floor- but to him it was a big bed.

Well, that was back in March, and we never really took to the whole bed thing- and to be honest, I was too scared to really push it since he was finally sleeping through the night and so was I.

Recently he has turned into a terrorist at bedtime.

At both naps and night time he was just going nuts.

He started throwing everything out of his crib...all the way down to the mattress.  He would finally be standing on the wood board on the bottom and would yell "Mommy, I'm awake" until I would come to his room.


This would go on for hours.  I tried everything and finally I decided that he was done with the crib.

Of course, Chris was out of town when I decided to give up the crib- but it was time and once I have something in my mind I have to do it immediately.

I knew Hunter would be more invested in the whole "big boy bed" thing if he was able to help me.

So, I pulled out the crib conversion kit from the attic and we disassembled his crib and reassembled it into a twin bed.

Hunter works best without pants on.

He grabbed all of his tools from the tool bench and started "helping" me.

Carter wasn't that helpful, but he was a good supervisor.

We ran into a snag once we got the bed put together.  The conversion kit didn't come with any slats for the bed.


So we had to do a last minute run to Home Depot- I did't get any complaints from Hunter, he LOVES Home Depot.

He really enjoyed watching the guy cut down the pieces of wood into the slats on the big saw.

Then on our way home, Hunter and I deserved a special treat for all of our hard work (and Mommy didn't want to cook dinner)- so we pulled into BurgerMaster and got to eat burgers and fries in the car.

When we got home, I popped in the slats and added the mattress.

Hunter was immediately enamored with the bed.  Of course he needed to test out the jump-ability.

I was prepared to pull an all-nighter to get him to sleep successfully in the bed. 

Surprisingly, he went right to sleep.  I think he was excited about his new bed but also exhausted from all the "work" he had done that day.

He has been successfully sleeping in his bed for a week now.  So I'm convinced it is going to stick.

We are keeping the pack & play in his room just in case he needs to be contained.

Naps are a bit harder for him to settle down because the room is still light and he has so many options of what to do. So sometimes it takes a few minutes for him to settle down in bed- I love that he decided to rock himself one afternoon. 

I'm pretty proud of our big guy, and he's pretty proud of himself too.  He has been telling everyone about his new bed and he says "I'm a big boy!".

Having him in a big bed is one of the big things I had on my list to accomplish while I am on maternity leave.  


Next up potty training...