Impulse buy; impulse craft

Thanksgiving is a-coming. 


It's totally a tweener Holiday as far as decorations go.

I don't really feel like I can just repurpose my pumpkins from Halloween into a "fall" theme, so I am not really sure what to do. Plus the pumpkins no the porch are completely rotten and have started leaking juices on the porch.  Someone should get on that....Chris?!

I also don't know why I even feel like I need to decorate for Thanksgiving.  No one is coming to our house- probably because our bathroom is STILL NOT DONE.

Actually it's because we go to my parent's AND Chris' parents for Thanksgiving.

Yes, I am beginning the process of stretching my stomach now (well, in reality Carter did a pretty good job of that and it's still not back to normal, so I'm pretty much ready to go).

Anyway- Hunter has totally clued into Christmas and Santa this year.

Not the presents thing, just the idea of a holiday with decorations and a jolly old man who has pet reindeer- who, by the way, he would like to ride (how do I make that happen?).  Also, he would like to give Santa a high five- so there's that.

Anyway- Thanksgiving is coming and Hunter's not super stoked about it...yet.

Our neighbor (with the obnoxious inflatable decorations) just put 2 big turkeys in the front yard- and Hunter calls them chickens...and is not impressed- he says "bring Halloween decorations back."

He is a big fan of the pumpkins, ghosts, spider webs etc.

So, in an effort keep our little man happy (which is pretty much what my whole life is dedicated to these days), I thought I would try to make Thanksgiving as festive as possible to get us through to until the main event- Christmas decorations.

I bought a random white ceramic turkey last year on clearance at Target, so that is pretty much my main decor right now.

When I ran through Joanne Fabrics to grab the felt for the Halloween costume I got suckered into an impulse buy at the check out counter.

I know chevron print is "over" and has been done a million times, but there is something about it that I still love.  Plus- I have never been on the cutting edge of what's hot... lets remember that I wore overalls in college (not ironically).

I like to think that Chevron print is a better choice than the overalls were.

Anyway, now that I have 15 feet of chevron print burlap, I had to do something with it or I just become a fabric hoarder (which I kind of already am).

I decided I would make a wreath for the front door, but as luck would have it, I couldn't find the wreath frame that I KNOW I bought last year.

To convince myself  I am not a hoarder I decided to make a quick donation trip to Goodwill while Hunter was in preschool.  I had a trunk full of things to drop off, so I was feeling much better about the small roll of fabric I had recently procured.

While I was there I did a quick once-through and all I was really looking for was a wreath, and I found one.

I also found the perfect toddler ski helmet ($12!!!)- this kid is ready for the snow!

The wreath I found had some lovely decorations, but I double checked and luckily they were easily removable.

When I got home, I put both boys to nap and got to work.

Side note- I know people say "sleep when the baby sleeps" but then when would I craft??? Hot glue is not kid friendly- heck it's not even adult friendly (says the woman with a scar on her thumb from the Halloween costume) so I do it while the kids are sleeping and I can focus on not burning myself.

After I removed all the holiday decor (which was only affixed by wire ties), I was ready to go to work.

I had no real plan, so I just started folding/bunching and gluing.

I had no burning incidents and I was even able to make (and eat) lunch before the boys woke up.  

Obviously it goes without saying that this was a good day.

So now, I have a wreath on the front door that will take us through the "Autumn Season" and satisfy my need to decorate until I can break out the Christmas finery.