Two fast

My how time flies.

I'm still stuck in the new-baby fog (in case you were starting to wonder if I had died). Carter is almost a month old- what???

Plus, all of a sudden I turn around and my first baby is not a baby anymore- he's TWO...and he can TELL ME THAT.

Me: Hunter, how old are you?
Hunter: One, two.
Me: Two, that's right.
Hunter: Happy Birthday Hunter!

When did that happen?

I can have a real conversation with him.

Which, most of the time are hilarious by the way. 

In between caring for the two boys and dealing a a nasty bout of toddler stomach flu, we managed to cobble together a party for our little guy.

It was nothing big- just a dinner party with our immediate families. 

Since he doesn't even remember his 1st birthday party, he doesn't have much to compare it to, but was thrilled to be surrounded by some of his favorite people and to eat a cupcake.

He was very puzzled by the whole "light something on fire" part of the cupcake experience...
That is manicotti all over his face- he didn't get a strange spray tan...
But once we started singing his favorite song (Happy Birthday), he got into the whole candle thing, and even did a good job blowing it out.

He got spoiled by the grandparents (of course) with presents galore, and although we try to keep the presents to a minimum, we did get him a few things of our own.

When he woke up, he found a tool bench waiting for him. 

He is obsessed with tools- and he played with the tool bench ALL DAY LONG.  

This doesn't happen in the world of toddlers- they lose interest after 30 minutes tops. So a toy that held his attention for a whole day- that is worth every cent of the $40 I paid the lady on craigslist for the solid wood bench and toys.   

He is also obsessed with helmets.

No idea why, but he loves them.

He has quite the collection of helmets (he got 3 new ones for his birthday).

This kid is going to have a well protected head.

First, nanny Steph bought him a fireman's helmet. He wears it everywhere....sometimes he even wears it to bed. Then I bought him a Husky football helmet- because I couldn't help myself.

....apparently when he wears his helmets, he prefers not to wear a shirt....or pants.

Actually he is in a bit of a "nakey-baby" phase. I called him that a few times, and now he requests to be nakey-baby all the time.  I figure, he doesn't have to wear clothes at home if he doesn't want to. 

Of course, he was a nakey-baby on his birthday (at least until party time)

He was pretty excited about his new construction helmet.

Then, he abandoned that helmet when he realized my parents bought him a REAL baseball helmet.

That helmet goes nicely with the aluminum baseball bat my dad gave him last week. Best grandpa ever....or worst, depending on how you look at it.  If only they made a "helmet" to protect the breakables in my house!

Last but not least, he got to pick out his very first bike helmet to go along with his brand new balance bike. 

We spent the day today doing everything that he loves, and even got to have hamburgers and fries for lunch with some of his favorite people- Aunt Chelsey,  nanny Steph and Isaiah. 

I know everyone says this, but I can't believe how fast time has gone.

My little baby is a big boy.

He is such a sweet boy, always wanting to give hugs and kisses (but hide from the camera)- so I'm pretty thrilled to have got this photo today of me and my Seahawks loving boy. 

I could never have imagined the amazing little person we would be getting to take home 2 years ago. 

I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but we are thrilled to have him.