Momsessed (again)

Holy two kiddos.

These last 6 weeks have flown by. I am not even sure what we have done.

Everything and nothing.

Let me assure you, I've been keeping busy- Hunter pretty much demands it.

In all my sleep-deprived-non-showered-foggy-mom-brain-glory I have managed to capture weekly photos of Carter (just like I did with Hunter).

True to second-child-form, I haven't gone out and bought any new fabrics to use with him.  For Hunter, I went and bough all sorts of patterns and cute prints that I thought would be great to use.

This time around, I haven't even managed to really use any fabric at all.  I have used whatever is closest at hand- blankets & sheets.

I already have doubled up the same background- apparently I was very tired because I used it back to back my short term memory is sorely lacking.

What is new is some adorable date blocks that Aunt Bunnie bought Carter.  She obviously knows that anything that makes my life easier is a win- and so now I don't have to photoshop the week into the photo- I just use these blocks and I'm done. 

Oh, and lets pretend not to notice that I haven't yet got his 6 week pic taken yet- I'll do it this afternoon...

Despite the lackluster backgrounds and repeats, its amazingly fun to watch this little one grow and change.  The photos may not be pinterest-worthy, but they do the job.

You can follow along weekly by clicking on Carter's Pics on the side bar, and you can compare them to Hunter's Pics if you want to see how similar they are.

I've saved you the effort this time and put them side by side here.

                               CARTER                                                                       HUNTER




If you check out Carter's week 4 and Hunter's week 5, it looks like we have a couple of little twins.

Overall the main differences in the boys (so far) seem to be that Carter is the bigger boy (he was 7.9 lbs when he was born vs. Hunter's 7.0 lbs) and gaining weight faster than Hunter did at this age.

Also, he hasn't lost any of his least not yet- Hunter was already rocking the "monk" look by now.