How to name a baby

Naming a child is tough.

Mostly because whatever your choice, your child is pretty much stuck with it for the rest of their life.

We have been having a tough time deciding on a name this time around, so we did what any rational soon-to-be parents would do...

We asked our toddler what he would like to name his brother.

Naturally, he had some great ideas.

After we left the ultra-sound, Hunter already had a list of ideas.

This top choice...Tractor (inspired by his favorite construction machine no doubt).

Then he came up with Dog-Dog, because that is his puppy-brother's name, so it only makes sense that his new brother will also be named Dog-Dog.

So Chris and I took it upon ourselves to put them together for our precious baby... and we shall call him Tractor Dog-Dog.

It has a certain ring to it doesn't it? Maybe "Trac" for short? Or Trac-D for his hip-hop name?

After a few weeks, Hunter changed his tune and went down an all new naming route- a made up name.

He has invented what is sure to be the next big thing- Aptee. Similar to Gwyneth's Apple of 2004.

At first we thought he was saying Happy, but after a few months of him repeating it over and over.  He has made up Aptee and is sticking with it.

To be honest, we were growing pretty fond of calling the baby Tractor Dog-Dog, but it would be difficult to be elected president or taken seriously in the corporate world with a name like that. Heck, a name like that would be difficult in any kind of job interview, unless of course he was interviewing for a construction job...or for John Deere.

Obviously that is not going on the birth certificate, but I'm guessing that will be the nickname we use for this little guy. 

So until he pops out, little Tractor Dog-Dog it is.

Oh, and I should mention that the ultra-sound tech did say that she was "pretty sure" it was a boy- so perhaps we should also have a girl name in our back pocket just in case.

Hopefully we settle on a name soon.  If not, this baby will be named much like Hunter was- 19 hours into labor when I'll agree to pretty much anything. 

Actually, strike that.  I REALLY don't want to have another 22 hour labor- it has to be shorter this time around....right?