Another year down

Chris and I started dating when we were 17.
College spring break to Cabo- Freshman year
I realize that is pretty darn young to find your spouse.

In 4 years we will pass the "I've been with you more than 50% of my whole life" mark- which is a milestone I'm looking forward to hitting.

But, if you really think about it, I don't remember much before I was 4 or 5, so mentally I've already passed that point.

When I think of a memory, Chris is always in it.
I think we were 18 here
And if he's not in it, I assume he was there, or that he must have been busy that day.  Either way.  I have a hard time remembering any part of my life that he wasn't there for.

To be honest, I have a hard time remembering what I ate for lunch yesterday- so my memory may not be the best.

If you think about it, most of the big moments in life come AFTER you are 17.

Unless of course you are classifying my horrific middle school combo of braces, bangs and overalls as a big moment- and if so, I'm glad he wasn't there for that.

Oh- and that awful Sun-In incident when I turned my hair orange (also with bangs).  That was kind of a big moment, but again- glad he wasn't there for that.

He has been there for pretty much everything else- which is really comforting.  I don't have to explain or rehash old memories to him- because he was there, he experienced it right along with me.

I know most people don't marry their High School sweetheart, but my parents did (and so did their best friends) and so I grew up assuming that was totally normal.

So here we are, 13 years together, 6 years married as of last Saturday.
For the record, we are cake smashers- not dainty cake feeders.
We spent our day in true Ashley & Chris style.

I held a garage sale at our house with my mom and Chris came home from an out of town work trip and went straight to the Sounders game with some colleagues.

Around 4pm we had finished our respective activities and snuck off together for the night.

And when I say "snuck off," the reality was that at 4pm we started packing the boys to go to grandma's house, I showered, changed diapers, boxed up all the yard sale leftovers and sweatily headed out the door about and hour later.  yes, my life is very galmorous.

The togetherness portion of our anniversary included house hunting (yes we are house hunting, but nothing serious- famous last words) and driving to our getaway for the night (about 45 minutes outside of the city).

We went spent the night at Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls, which was both beautiful and relaxing.  I happened to have a gift certificate so our night away cost us absolutely nothing which is pretty much my favorite part (even baby sitting was free- generously provided by my parents).

We woke up leisurely Sunday morning- which means I woke up at 5:45am to the baby kicking me (the unborn one) and my mind wondering why Hunter or Ketch hadn't already woken me up. I was able to fall back asleep but by 9:15 I was wide awake and wondering how much longer I could restrain myself before I woke Chris.

The answer is 1.5 hours. I think I may have read the whole internet waiting to wake him!

I had to wake Chris from a deep sleep, which I'm certain could have lasted well into the afternoon.  So by 10:45 I figured he had logged plenty of sleep and woke him.

On our way back to the city to pick up the boys, we stopped for coffee, then another quick house tour, then for some lunch.

We headed home just in time to meet our contractor at our house to go over phase 3 (which hopefully is the final phase) of house renovations (yes, I realize we did this last time I was pregnant too- we are gluttons for punishment).  This time around it is our upstairs bathroom getting the gut job (hopefully it takes 7 weeks or less).

All in all, it was a pretty perfect weekend and so very us.

We didn't sit around making googly eyes at each other (that's just not our style).  We did things separately that we enjoy and then we did things together that we enjoy.  We try to have that balance in  our regular life- so why do anything different on our anniversary.

Happy 6 years Chris- I couldn't ask for a better partner in life.