Forget me not

I can't tell you how much all the kind words, messages and notes about Hunter's accident have meant to us. This little corner of the internet showed us a ton of love this last week, and we are extremely grateful.

Hunter is doing great.

We switched out his "football pads" on Friday and he is doing great. He loved the chance to take a bath (after nearly a week of no water play).  To be honest, he was getting a bit smelly.

He played, and splashed and all the while, we soaked his pads until they fell off and were able to remove them without any pain. We put new pads on and he is good as new.  

We have our final assessment with the burn team on Thursday, and at that point we expect his pads to come off for good. 

Now we are going to have to figure out what to do when he asks to put his "football pads" back on....perhaps we just buy a roll of foam and wrap him up when he asks.

Now, aside from our little man. Lets talk about how Chris and I are AWFUL puppy parents.

We forgot Ketchum's second birthday.

I know, you don't have to say it.

We are the worst.

Any excuses of being preoccupied by his brother's incident would fall on deaf ears, as Ketchum is not one for excuses.

So, instead of excuses, we made the day after his birthday a great one, at least by puppy standards.

Chris picked up a whole bag of raw bones from the butcher and his best doggy friend came over for some late afternoon play time.

Not to mention I fed him chicken jerky every time I turned around.  Yes, those treats helped me deal with my guilt.

I'm pretty sure he forgave us for our forgetfulness, but we still feel pretty awful.

We let him sleep in bed with us that night.

Special treatment worked pretty great. Except, now he's inclined to jump in bed every chance he gets.  He's decided he likes sleeping on Chris' pillow the best (smart dog).

These last two years have flown by.  

He is out first born, our first love and the boy in our family with the most hair.
When did he get so big?

He's the best boy.
He's a big fan of the dog park, other dogs, digging holes in the backyard, running in circles, playing fetch and eating all the treats his brother feeds him. 

He loves to snuggle with us and still lays in the crook of my legs when I'm on laying on the couch.

He's turned into a guard dog of sorts, and patrols the front window with a watchful eye and a bark that is much meaner than his bite lick.

He's a great brother to Hunter.  They cuddle, they play catch and he puts up with Hunter's hugs & tackles.

We chose a good one. 

Ketchum, we love you and we promise not to forget next year!