Breaking news...from Hunter

Hunter has some big news to share....

In case you didn't quite get the big news he was trying to share...

We are expecting a baby!

Hunter got most of the pertinent facts right.

It is a baby brother (yes, we found out this time around).

I know he thinks he has a baby in his belly....I assure you, he doesn't.  

But I do have one in mine.

Lastly, his baby brother is coming in early September, not at Christmas (ho, ho, ho)- although I'd be happy to tell him that his Christmas present is his little brother and forgo all other presents.

We couldn't be more excited about having two little boys running around our house, keeping us up at night and snuggled up with us in our bed.

In case you don't want to do the math, we are 16 weeks away from being a family of 4.

And no, we are in no way prepared, but we are excited.