Easter illness

Spring has sprung around our house and knocked us all out with spring colds.

Who has time to be sick?

Not I said the duck. (Little Red Hen anyone?)

Anyway, last week was a total wash, as I was a single parent struggling to keep my eyes open all week and trying to forget the poop-xtravaganza from the week before.  Chris was off at school, diligently chipping away at his MBA that takes him to school for a week each month, and I was in toddler teething purgatory.

Hunter was up a few times every night with "Ow Ow Tee," otherwise known as super painful molars and super sleepless nights.

So when Chris got home on Saturday night, I was excited to get to sleep a full 8 hours and hand off the toddler teething nighttime duties to him.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to be in the cards for me, as he had picked up a cold at school.  So by time we headed to bed at 9pm, Chris was already coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable.

He ended up sneaking off to the guest room around 3am to quarantine his germs and I finally brought our poor teething baby into our bed around 4am, after an hour of attempting in vain to get him back to sleep in his room.

So, when we woke up Easter morning, Hunter was a bit whiney, Chris was convinced he had the flu AND a sinus infection and I was a walking zombie.

Chris was too ill to get out of bed and watch Hunter go through his Easter Basket.

Speaking of Easter Baskets- Hunter scored this year.

My gosh, time flies.  Just last year, he couldn't do anything more than sit up and chew on the basket handle.

The Easter bunny must know Hunter pretty well, because he left him a whole bunch of things he loves, including his first wiffle ball, bat and tee.

He had no problem figuring out what to do with the bat and ball. Ketch, as always, was the supervisor.

After we spent a good hour with the bat and exploring the other basket goodies, we started to get ready for the family gatherings.

Chris was actually getting worse and had to bail on all Easter activities. Which means, zombie-mom was in charge of schleping the baby and puppy all over town.

We jammed packed ourselves with Easter festivities, including a hunt (where Hunter only cared about the pinwheel which was not up for grabs).

I took the boys to my in-laws around noon to drop off the dog and try to squeeze in a nap for Hunter.   We were having Easter dinner there, and Ketch couldn't be left to his own devices with Chris bed-ridden for the day.

Hunter had an Easter basket waiting for him at their house as well, and even though my mother in law had hidden it away from him unitl dinner, Hunter has a homing beacon for presents- especially of the ball variety.

That kid is obsessed with balls sports balls.

He found a basketball and couldn't stop carrying it around with him.

Then he found Papa practicing his putting in the basement, and he had to get in on that action too.
Yes, Hunter is wearing Tom's boat shoes and roll up linen pants.
He napped for all of 45 minutes, which is almost worse than taking no nap at all.

We powered through and headed to my Grandmother's house for our Easter celebration with the other side of the family and my parents.

Of course, he had another basket of goodies waiting for him there as well.  They must have been tipped off by the Bunny, because their basket had a child's baseball glove and Mariner's outfit in it.

It was a very-baseball Easter.

He also had his very own egg hunt waiting for him.

The lack of pinwheels didn't seem to bother him, and his new fascination was with cracking the eggs open.  He couldn't have cared less about what was in them.

Easter at my grandma's means a house full of cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles. The best kind of chaos.

We were missing Chris and apparently he wasn't the only one who was down for the count. My sister Chelsey and cousin/nanny Stephani were also MIA due to serious colds.

After we finished up at Grandma's, we headed back to my in-laws for dinner. Unfortunately Hunter melted down in the middle of dinner, and I had to pack him and the dog and head back to Seattle in a rush. 

Before the epic Easter meltdown (45 minute nap + cutting molars) we did snap a few pictures. 

I have definitely seen better photogenic days, but Hunter was pretty happy (or doing his elephant impression) at this moment, so I'll take it.

So, after a whirlwind of a day, I ended up taking Monday off to take care of Chris and hang out with Hunter while nanny Steph recovered as well.

And now, guess who's sick?

Yeah, that's right.  It caught me too.  Luckily I got the best version of the illness, just a runny nose and foggy head.  

Or maybe, I got the mom-version, which is the "I can't be sick, so I will not be sick" illness, as opposed to the dad version, which is the "I'm dying and I can't move" illness.

Either way, we all survived.