Settling in

I think 30 has finally settled in.

It has unpacked its bags and planned to stay for a while....around a year I'm guessing.

I had a lovely and unexpected birthday, that seems to be continuous and never ending- I aways did love a good birthday week.

We kicked off the celebration on Saturday at a local event with some of our best friends.  We got all dressed up, enjoyed the event and then had a little post event snack and our favorite local burger joint. 
Nothing like a milkshake and fries at midnight.
Yes, I was still awake at midnight, but just barely.

I knew I would regret the choice in the morning, but I had to at least stay up until midnight to "ring in the new year."

I actually ended up falling asleep in the couch in front of the fireplace, so I'm not 100% sure I made it much past midnight, but at least I made it.

Of course, since I'm a trained mom-bot, I woke up at 6:30 expecting to hear Hunter making his usual half-awake morning sounds.  But then, when my sleep deprived foggy brain realized he wasn't there, so I forced myself to go back to sleep.

By 8:30 I was back awake and couldn't lay in bed for a second longer.

I think this is the downside of getting older, or having a small child and puppy that wake with the sun.

Sleeping in is a luxury for much younger women.

Even on a "free" morning, where I could snooze until 2 in the afternoon, I can't sleep past 8:30am.

So I took a leisurely shower all by myself- rather than having a toddler in there with me, requesting "more, more, more brush" translation "more toothpaste on my toothbrush please, so I can suck it off and then play drums on the wall of the shower."

Not that I don't love having to share my showers with Hunter- I really do.  He loves to be held and tuck his head into my neck and let the warm water run on us (mostly him). 

Even though those showers are longer and involve the wasting of copious amounts of toothpaste, I kind of love them.  I know they won't last, and he won't want to cuddle with his mom in the shower forever, but for right now, that is just fine by me.

But, on Sunday I really enjoyed the quiet of the house and my very own shower time (without the soundtrack of toothbrush drumsticks banging out a rhythm).

We didn't have to pick up Hunter until 11am from the grandparent's house, so I cleaned the kitchen, ran errands and listed to my book on tape while Chris snored loudly.

To my surprise, when I walked back in the house with Hunter and Ketch, Chris had a beautiful breakfast and orchid on the table waiting for me.
When Hunter went down for his nap, the lack of sleep from the night before caught up with me.  I fell asleep on the couch for almost 2 hours- which was amazing.

When I woke up, Chris surprised me with my birthday card, detailing my present....
And that we were going to dinner that night, and that I should probably get dressed because the babysitter was coming soon.

Cabo and surprise dinner?

Best birthday ever.

Dinner was fabulous, as we went to one of my favorite resurants in the city, Barolo, and he had reserved a special room and they even had a "birthday menu" for me when I arrived.  

I left full, happy and with my pants unbuttoned.

Now that I'm 30, unbuttoning my pants after dinner is pretty much expected right?

The rest of the week has been a wonderful smattering of cards, sweet gifts, photos of Hunter, flowers (lots of flowers), dinners, free cupcakes, calls from friends and family, drivers license renewing and a mild panic attack when I realized we still had expired passports.


Yeah, did I mention this surprise trip to Cabo happens in a few short weeks?

Not to worry, Chris was a step ahead of me, and we are getting expedited passports renewed this week and will have them in hand well before we hop on that plane.

Panic attack avoided.

Kind of.

I had a secondary almost-panic attack when I realized I had an expired license, which is not going to cut it for renewing a passport.  Even with a renewed license I can't use the paper temporary license for that either.

Luckily I can present 5-10 forms of secondary ID to prove who I am at the passport office including my college diploma, my high school year book, work ID badge, utility bill, credit card, library card and a smattering of other random documents, which apparently all add up to the equivalent of one valid drivers license in the eyes of the US government.  Go figure....

So, all my surprise vacation related panic attacks were avoided.

Speaking of vacations, this will be our first trip away from Hunter for more than one night.

We did go on that fateful but fun trip to Canada last year (when we realized our passports were expired), but that was only for one night.

I know I'll miss the boys like crazy, but I'm pretty excited for 4 days of just Chris and me time, laying by the pool, enjoying an all inclusive Mexican resort....which we haven't experienced since our honeymoon.

We are going to party like we are 29 (again).

But, by then we will both be 30 (Chris' birthday is in a few weeks).

Now that the festivities are over, and all the surprises have been revealed, I'm left with one problem....

Buying a new bathing suit.