Baby baker

I sat down at my sewing machine this weekend for the first time since Christmas.

While Hunter slept, I accomplished not one, but two projects.

That is pretty much unheard of these days.

But it happened. 

Then I realized I forgot to show you a little project I did a few months ago.

My niece was getting a play kitchen for Christmas, so I decided to whip her up an adorable chef's outfit fit to wear.

As I was under the gun to have it complete and wrapped up under the tree before Christmas, I pulled a Sandra Lee and went semi-homemade y'all.

Joann Fabric has a whole aisle full of plain items that are just begging for embellishment. 

While I was there, I picked up a kids apron, chef's hat, some pink bric-a-brac and a package of color coordinated remnants. I used a million coupons of course, so I didn't pay full price for anything.

Oh, and I found out, while I waited in line, that you can google Joann coupons and they will scan ones from the internet on your phone.  Genius.

When I got home and unpacked all my items I got a bit overwhelmed with all the projects I had taken on (for Christmas), but knowing that this would be worn by a one and a half year old took off some of the pressure to make it perfect.

So, I eyeballed the whole thing.

I had remembered reading Katie Bower's tutorial of a ruffled apron last year and then I winged it. If you want a full tutorial, head over there for the steps.

Basically, I hemmed around the remnants, so there were finished edges and then just laid them out and sewed them on.

I was not at all exact with my ruffles, I just scrunched and sewed, and made sure I had enough fabric left to get to the edge.

Then I sewed on a strip of bric-a-brac to finish off the top.
I struggled briefly with what to do with the chef's hat.  I knew I wanted it to match, but I thought ruffles may be a bit too much on both items.

So I started with the bric-a-brac around the edge, but it just wasn't enough.

I thought a flower may look nice, but I wasn't really prepared to figure out how to make a fabric flower out of the random things I had on hand.

So I made a rosette instead. 

That is kind of like a flower, just easier.

I cut one of the remnants into a strip and started twisting. 

This is when I got to pull out my favorite crafting item...

The hot glue gun.

There was actually a part of me that considered doing the whole apron with hot glue, but I figured little fingers could possibly pull the glue off, so I went with the sewing machine instead.

I had some felt on hand, and used that as the backing of the rosette.

I glued one end to the felt, then twisted and wound the fabric around itself until I liked how it looked.

Then I glued the crap out of it.  Yes, that is the technical term.

Then I glued it to the hat.

I was so in love with my creation, I ran around the house wearing it to show it off.

I have no idea why I didn't get a picture. I'm sure I looked awesome.

Then I tried to get Hunter to model it for me, but he wasn't interested in the slightest.

So here it is sans model.
Hopefully she loves it at much as I do. These do come in grown up sizes, and I just may need one.

I also having been thinking of getting Hunter a kitchen to play with, to go along with his chopping cart and I'll add making him an apron and chef's hat to the long list if projects that I have made for other people's children but not for my own.