Weekend Update: Grumpy Gus

I'm feeling a bit like the Groundhog who saw his shadow and went back in his cave for a few more weeks.

Tired and grumpy.

You know how some days you just feel in a funk?


Today is one of those days.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

But today is funky.

Mostly because we got in a mini car accident over the weekend and my beloved Volvo is in for repair.

There was a 24 hour snowpocalypses in Seattle over the weekend, and I stupidly believed that we could drive home in the midst of it....we have 4 wheel drive after all.

Well, 4 wheel drive is no match for ice hidden under snow.

We hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car. 

Chris's quick thinking skills saved us from barreling head first into another car or a fence, but he sacrificed the wheels on the right side, which stopped the car by slamming into the curb.

We were able to limp the car back to my in-laws house to stay the night and assess the damage.

Turns out, slamming into the curb does a number on your alignment. 

The tires on the passenger side of my car no longer turn the correct way, or respond properly when you turn the wheel.

So....I'm grumpy about my car and my stupid insistence that we should head home.

I'm also incredibly relieved that all of us (Chris, Hunter, Ketch and myself) were 100% A-OK.  We were going pretty darn slow, so even with picking up speed on the ice, we were all just fine and barely shaken up.

We all made it home ok yesterday, and we even made it out to play in the snow.

Ketchum LOVES chasing snowballs.

I even made a snowman for Hunter (not the most amazing snowman ever, but a snowman none the less), I thought he would love it.  He thought it was a tower so he decided to knock it over/knock his head off.

So now we have a decapitated snow man in our front yard.....
So, here's to tomorrow.  When things will be looking up.