Time out

So I was all ready to hit publish on a sweet post about Hunter in his Halloween costume.

It was adorable.


But then I sat down and started typing and I realized I really wanted to talk about life.

Life- outside of being a mom.
Not that I'm not that-  I am (clearly), but I'm also more than that.

And sometimes I forget that.

We all do. Don't we?

We are all more than our jobs, or our family, or our relationship status defines us as.

Before I was a wife, a mother, a home renovator, a laundry folder, a puppy-poop-picker-upper and a full time employee, I was me.

When did I forget that?

Well, here in 2013 life moves fast, there is seemingly no time to remember who you used to be, there is only time to make plans and work toward them.

So its nights like I've been lucky enough to have this week that give me a wake up call to slow down and remember that there is more to me.

I'm a girl, who loves a boy, who went on a date this weekend.
We shopped, we ate, we drank and we had a lovely evening.  I dressed up fancy (high heels and all) and we even ate dessert at a different location from our dinner.  It was special.

For a brief moment we stopped talking about the baby and the puppy, our future, renovation plans and schedules for our next few days, to focus on just us.  We stopped "blocking and tackling" as my friend Toby calls it, to giggle over a few too many sips of wine and how our olive oil tasted like bananas (turns out it was made with banana peel- who knew?).

Nights like that remind me that as much as we love our boys, that there needs to be room in our lives for time without them.

Happy parents = happy kiddos (and puppies for that matter).

We also need to make sure there is room in our lives for time for just us.  

We are so quick to meet up with friends for diner or go to an event, that we forget that we should spend time one on one, outside of the house (instead of in front of the tv).

So we did just that.

And we are going to make it a monthly thing.  

Each month, we are going to plan a one on one date night that is a surprise to the other person.  So every 30 days or so, we will have something fun to look forward to, just the two of us.

Don't get me wrong, we love being with our boys and our friends, but we need time to be us too.

Of course, after a few hours we were missing our boys terribly.

They are our hearts.

It's hard to explain if you don't have kids (human or animal).  But a part of you breaks off and gets lodged in them, and you don't feel complete unless you are with them. 

I felt that way with Ketchum from the first day we brought him home, I felt it for Hunter before he was even born and I felt that way with Chris before either of them came into our lives. 

It's for this reason, that from time to time, I lose sight of who I was and who I am outside of them.

So, taking time for me is important, but yet seemingly so difficult.
Earlier this week, I met up with an amazing group of women who I met through PEPS (a local mom's group) and we had our monthly ladies night.

I put on my skinny jeans, which happen to fit better now than before I was pregnant (hallelujah), and headed to met up with this wonderful group of women.

We chatted, we ate, we drank, and as one of the ladies likes to say, "we solved the worlds problems."

Yes, we talk about babies and husbands, but we also talk about us.

These women help me remember who I am. 

Weeks like these have a rejuvenating quality; they are like a mini vacation for the soul. 

Good friends are like that. 

They laugh when you exclaim that the mom who made dreamscapes out of her baby's nap times has WAY too much time on her hands, and they willingly swap wine glasses with you (that you have already drank out of) when you realize the waitress brought the wrong ones out.

This week has been great....and it's only Wednesday.

I have wine club book club on Thursday and a charity event supporting my best friend this weekend, so this week is jammed packed with amazing times.

Here's to hoping your week is just as fantastic.  And if it's not.  Make a plan to ensure it gets better.

Date nights don't plan themselves you know.