Over it

Everyone has their breaking point.

And I'm at mine.

Construction at our house needs to be done now.

I can't quite describe how "over it" I really am.

My back and front yards are glorified storage facilities for siding supplies, garbage, random tools, empty boxes etc, not to mention that our fence is currently torn apart to accommodate the siding- leaving Ketchum without a romping area.  
Poor guy is probably the worst off of all of us. He can't spend his days running around in circles, chasing birds/balls or digging giant holes.  
He's spending most of his days, staring longingly out the window and taking a few leashed walks (he much prefers to roam free).

So not only do I have a sad pup, but the sadness is spreading to the less furry family members.

I had a mini meltdown when one of the siders accidentally shattered one of my favorite old-timey windows in our living room.  
While I mourned the loss of 100 year old glass, I also cursed his name imagining the million tiny shards of glass that now littered my living room floor....doesn't he know we have a crawling baby here??? No amount of sweeping or vacuuming is making me feel more comfortable about letting Hunter crawl in the living room.

To top things off,  I have a porta-potty in my alley (again) and dust covering every surface of my main floor (coming in through the windows, doors etc from the siding project).

Oh, and did I mention the constant banging?

Yeah, I thought it would start to fade into the background, like white noise...

Not so much.

I wake up to hammering, nail guns, and oh yeah, screaming in Russian.  Delightful.

Our siders work in a team of two and they enjoy having heated discussions in Russian (which already sounds a bit angry to begin with) at 7am each morning as they are setting up for the day.

They are very sweet guys, and doing a fabulous job, but seriously....less fighting and more working.  Or at least fight in sign language.  Let my baby sleep!

This was supposed to be a 5 day project.

We are going on two weeks at this point.

Momma is DONE. (Yes, I'm calling myself Momma and talking in the 3rd person...things are bad).

While the siding project is going on, we also had the finishing touches put on the NEW (again) fireplace.

So, not only is our outside tore up, our inside isn't looking much better.

Tell me that doesn't look like a Dexter kill room... It is to catch the over-spray from painting the fireplace, but it doesn't make it any less creepy to a Dexter fan like myself.

Oh, and by the way, they tell me "the fumes are quite strong, you will want to let it dry for at least 36 hours before you come back to the house."


No problem, I'll just hop on my unicorn and ride to our other house that we keep vacant for occasions just like this one.

Luckily we were heading out for the weekend anyway, so we weren't subject to the paint fumes, and we didn't have to figure out any temporary housing arrangements.

But, clearly our house is still a hot mess. I am rapidly losing my patience, or perhaps it is already gone. 

I think I'm going to invest in one of those slushy-margarita machines.  I'm quite sure that would bring my annoyance down to a manageable level.

On the upside, our house is going to look completely different in less than a week- new house paint is going to be a game changer, I just feel it.

So, I'll have a nearly done house (only a few projects left) AND a margarita machine.

That is what I call a win-win.

I feel my patience returning already.