A long winter's night

Does anyone else feel like the stretch between New Years and March 2nd is the longest span of time ever?

I feel like I get swallowed by the winter and I just retreat into my sweats and station myself on the couch with my heat turned up to 74 (I like it to be toasty).

I absolutely love being cozy, and this time of year pretty much whispers in my ear "put on your sweats, grab a blanket and a good book and curl up until spring."

When I hear whispers, I listen.  I have been holed up at home enjoying the winter from the warmth of my living room counting down the days until March 2.

Why March 2nd?  Well, because that's my birthday.

Ever since I was little, I have had a funny way of looking at the year in relation to my birthday.

When Christmas rolls around, I know that it is almost my birthday.

When it is my birthday, it is almost spring, and if it is almost spring, it is nearly summer.

So, for me.  March 2nd means that summer is almost here!!

Don't judge.  It helps me stomach the cold, rain, snow and darkness that lingers in January, February and March.

So, here we are 2 days away from my birthday (mind you, its snowing), which marks the kick off of "almost summertime."

While I've been waiting for this momentous occasion, I have devoured the first of the Game of Thrones series, which is why I have been slightly anti social as of late (its 817 pages). Now I have 5 more books (all 800+ pages) to devour.  I'll try to be less hermit-like this time.

Also, in a surprising turn of events, we snuck away to Sun Valley last week for Chris' work.  Although it was horribly cold (19 degrees) in SV, the sun is nearly always shining there.  I even managed to get a sun burn.

While we were out enjoying the snow, the food and the sights of beautiful Sun Valley, our contractor was busy at our house knocking down our wall.  Yes, it is finally happening! (I'll get an update asap)

So here we are, living in a construction zone and inhaling (what I can only assume) is an unhealthy amount of construction dust, and loving every minute of it.  Construction is fun!

Happy almost summer to everyone!