Taking the pressure off

About 5 months ago I started this little blog as a way to chronicle our adventures in home ownership and repair.

I knew my sisters and mom would read the blog, but beyond that it was a crap shoot if anyone else would have any interest in the projects we took on, the items we bought, the colors we painted the walls and the funny stories that happened along the way.

I am always surprised to see the stats each month. Holy crap who are all of you?  Thank you for reading. Seriously, it makes my day to see that other people care what I have to say, and its even better when you comment (I LOVE comments)! 

What blows me away even more is the fact that you guys are all over the globe.   I mean, I have some friends who live abroad, so they can account for some of my world wide hits.... but I'm pretty darn sure I don't know anyone in Malaysia or Kenya.  Hi my new Malaysian friends!

Lately when I have been at random events someone will come up to me and say "Oh I read your blog...you are so funny!"  This is seriously the nicest thing anyone could ever say, but you have no idea what kind of pressure I feel after I hear this. Its basically the blog equivalent of walking up to someone and saying "say something funny."  The pressure is paralyzing.

Have you ever tried to be funny on demand?  It's hard work!

Most of the time, in my life, funny things just seem to happen to me so I don't have to try- like the time I started throwing up uncontrollably on myself on a plane, or when I forgot the coffee table in the back of a rental car or when our new neighbor was jump roping in his window while watching us move into our house.  Those are all too good to be made up. 

But sometimes, it's a slow week and nothing funny happens.  I find myself not blogging because I didn't have anything funny to say....oh the pressure!  On top of that, this summer, living has really been getting in the way of blogging.  I mean seriously, its a lot harder than you would think to blog each night, when there are BBQ's, concerts, parties, weddings, showers and movies to attend, not to mention sun to soak up.

Now you are probably reading this and thinking to yourself, "no one will care if you are not funny all the time," but you are wrong.  You know how I know this?
Because my friends will send me messages that say things like "I sat down to read your blog last night and it was way too short and it wasn't even funny."  Thanks friend (she-who-will-not-be-named).  But I totally understand where she is coming from.  I can't be funny and then out of the blue- just stop, it's like a bait and switch.  I'm sorry!

So I'm proclaiming today that I am letting go of all the pressure: I will sometimes be funny and sometimes not.  I will do my best to skew toward funny. While I may not always be a laugh riot, I am going to commit to being more consistent with posting.  Hopefully 4 times a week.... crossing my fingers.

Ugh, I feel better already. The pressure is all gone!

On that note, here is a joke I learned today from one of my favorite 6 year olds.  This is how I'm going to make this post funny. Cop out, I know.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummie bear!