Completely Floored

Once we finished our my latest painting project (the living and dining rooms).  I was set on getting new furniture.

We headed down to Portland to see our friends and do a little house shopping.

My first stop was West Elm, a store that Seattle is yet to get. (But don't worry it's coming!)

My heart was set on this rug for the den, that I have been talking about now for at least 3 months. 
My obsession with this rug has consumed me for months

Guess who didn't call ahead?  Me.  Shocker. Guess what?  This rug is online only!  I drove all the way to Portland for a rug I couldn't get there.  Figures.  But instead I found this one:
 And this one:

What is great, is that I saved nearly 10% in tax and I bought a closeout size in the store that was a costumer return so I got an extra 10% off the grey-ish one.

We basically had to take a leap of faith that these rugs would go well in our house, because we weren't going to drive back to return them.

So we drove home with a car full of rugs and of course we couldn't wait to see what the rugs looked like.
The living room was the biggest transformation.  Mostly because we got rid of the big dark wood coffee table and replaced it with my Craigslist find, so that room had a two-fer.

In case you can't remember what our living room looked like before, here you go:
Now, for the after:

The dining room is not a huge transformation, but it definitely feels more anchored with a rug underneath.  Now all we need are some dining room chairs, a new chandelier and some art on the walls.  We aren't going to do much in here until we knock down a wall (can you guess which one?).
After.  Does this rug make the loaner chairs stand out even more???
Here are some of the new things happening in these rooms:
Craigslist table on new rug
Newly covered pillows
Stole a pillow from the bedroom and made a new cover for others
In case you are wondering about the old bulky coffee table, I found a new home for it.

Chris' office is a large room with built ins on one side.  We bought him some "man chairs" back before we moved in, but he never really had a good sitting area in there.  When I overhauled the living room, I realized I had a rug and a coffee table that needed a home, then it hit me- put it in the office. Duh.

You like the rug under and on top of the table??
I was kind of nervous about the move, but in the end I am actually really pleased with the results. My only concern is that this room all off a sudden became a little too red-white-blue, but I got over that pretty quick.

So now I have 3 floors covered.  I am waiting on my yellow rug to ship, as it was on back order, and I am still on the hunt for a rug for my bedroom. But for now, I feel like our main floor is finally feeling "done."  Time to relax..... or something like that!