Someone is 3 years old today.

Mind blown.
Last night, as I laid in his bed, snuggling with him before he fell asleep, I couldn't help but remember the night 3 years ago that made me a mother.

My friend had actually just texted me to remind me that I texted her while I was in labor "this ****ing hurts" which made me chuckle, as she will be in labor in a few short months herself. Then she will fully understand.

As I gave Hunter his last 2 year old kiss, I told him the story of when he was born (the 3 year old version of course). He loved hearing about who was at the hospital waiting to meet him, and he was very interested to know if anyone took an ambulance to the hospital- because if they did that would be "so cool." Also, he wanted to know...did anyone have birthday cake? Sadly, no- which looking back seems like a missed opportunity for cake. From here forward, I will be bringing birthday cake to all my friends who have babies.

It's totally silly but it's an idea I got from my favorite show, the Gilmore Girls. On the eve of her daughter's birthday each year, the main character tells her daughter the story of he birth- even well into her late teens. Lets be honest, that story is much more for the mom to relive it than the child to hear it, but I like the tradition. I'll tell my boys their stories as long as they are willing to humor me.
These days, Hunter would lay there and talk to me for hours about everything that happened on the night he was born...but it's only because he has mastered the bedtime stall tactics.

He actually would talk to us about pretty much any topic under the sun. That kid loves to chat and learn about new things (and delay bedtime).

To celebrate his big 3, we had a dinner for him on Sunday because Chris had to be out of town today. We wore party hats and ate dairy free cake that he baked himself (well...mostly himself) and he received some super hero gifts from our friends and family.

He was in heaven.
I asked him his "birthday questions" that I ask each year (since he could talk):
His favorite food is: Hamburgers (still)
His favorite sport is: Seahawks Smacker Football (that's a direct quote)
His favorite thing to do is: to go get candy
His favorite place is: Sun Valley
When he grows up he wants to be a: Fireman (still)
His favorite thing is: Super Heroes
His favorite Super Hero is: Captain America with his shield

Speaking of super heros, we are throwing him a proper birthday party this year, as he got royally shafted last year because I was 3 weeks postpartum with Carter and throwing a 2 yr old birthday party fell off my to-do list.
It took a small village of people who love Hunter to make this fantastic birthday invite a reality and I am obsessed with it. Super Hunter is going to have a super day- he will naturally be wearing his Captain America costume he received for his birthday (once I alter it to fit his tiny body).

I can't wait to watch him get to enjoy his first birthday party (that he will remember) where all his friends and family come to celebrate him. I know he will also love a room full of super heroes.

I can't quite believe he is 3 already. We couldn't love him more.

Happiest of birthdays to you. Today, and only today, you can eat birthday cake for all your meals and sleep in bed with me (because Dad is out of town). Love you Monkey!