49 weeks

I think we need to change Baby Carter's name.

We call him "Baby Carter" all the time...and he is NOT a baby anymore.

A few months ago we started calling him Tank because he is our baby giant (he's only 7 pounds lighter than Hunter- who is almost 3). Tank is a funny nickname, but I'm not sure it has the staying power that "Baby Carter" has (hopefully we will be able to drop the "baby" before he goes to High School).

We started this when he was first born so that Hunter could understand who we were talking about- as one of his best friends is also named Carter (we call him "Friend Carter").

Now that Baby Carter is almost 1, we are going to have to drop the "baby" and just go with Carter....
Let's just say, I'm NOT ready for my baby to be 1 years old.

I took this picture yesterday and I can't even believe he is this big. He will barely sit still for his weekly pictures.
You can catch up on all the weeks thus far in Carter's life on his photo project page (except weeks 44 & 45 because I lost my camera card and haven't put in a solid effort to find it yet).
In case you are wondering about his big birthday bash, you can keep on wondering.  I'm not sure how it snuck up on me, but all of a sudden it's here and I have planned nothing.

Luckily 1 year olds don't care about birthday parties.

Don't worry, we'll ensure he gets a celebration with our family. It won't be Pinterest worthy, but luckily babies don't care about that either.

I'm really not ready for my baby to grow up. This last year went by way faster than Hunter's 1st year- probably because we weren't able to focus as much on the small milestones with both boys being so active.

With Hunter we were able to catalog and celebrate every small accomplishment.

With Carter we didn't have that luxury- we were busy keeping his brother from trying fly like batman or climb buildings like Spiderman (can you tell someone recently discovered superheroes).  While at the same time, trying to teach Carter to sleep through the night, eat solid foods and crawl.

They both hit small milestones each week and there is just not as much time to focus on them. We can celebrate them in the moment, but the exact time and date doesn't get logged in my permanent memory (as if I have much more than a pile of mom-brain mush up there anyway).

And that's ok.

I have never been great at focusing on the milestones anyway- I don't worry too much about what week they crawled, or ate their first food, or rolled over. Heck, I can't even remember when Hunter said his first word. All I remember is that he started talking and now he can't stop.

My focus has always been on how they are doing overall and if they are getting bigger.

Trust me, they are getting bigger.

So far, we haven't found a stage of these boys' lives that we haven't enjoyed. They both just keep getting cooler as they grow up.

As much as I hate to see my baby grow up and leave the I-need-Mommy-for-everything phase, I love this next stage where his little personality comes out. I can't wait to see who Baby Carter is going to be.

In 3 weeks Baby Carter will be 1 and as sad as I am to lose my "baby" I'm pretty excited about the next year of his life and all the development and new things that will bring.

And then... I can finally stop beating myself up every time I forget to take one of his weekly photos!