So fresh and so clean


It has taken me forever, but finally I have a redesigned site...

You may notice that things have changed...well officially at least (they changed about 2.5 years ago when Hunter arrived on the scene). You'll see my new header- "A DIY blog that got sidetracked by babies." 

Because, lets be honest, I've hit the pause button on the DIY part of my life. Now, it's all about babies and dogs and chaos.

So here we are, with a new site 3 months in the making (that's what I have been doing instead of blogging).

My gosh that was so much harder than I had anticipated.  I must be getting older because trying to learn how to do website stuff and understand how to hook everything up nearly killed me.
Perhaps it could have be compounded by the fact that I had to find time to accomplish it in between the cracks of time when I have my hands (and brain) free.

No one ever warned me about the cracks of time.

Because that is literally all you have as a parent.  Cracks of time.

They are the slivers of time throughout your day when you find yourself without a baby in your arms or wiping a nose (or a butt).

You almost don't know what to do with yourself during these cracks because sometimes when you find yourself with a crack you start doing whatever is closest to hand (like the pile of dishes or laundry) or most needed (like feeding yourself a meal or showering without an audience). I have a running to-do list in my head at all times, but that can paralyze me into inaction because I have so many things on that list competing for top billing that its hard to chose what to start first.

It's kind of amazing what we moms can accomplish with theses cracks of time. Sometimes the cracks are 5 minutes, and sometimes they end up being an hour and I realize I have accomplished nearly NOTHING because the whole time, I've been expecting someone to start screaming.

For example, I sat down to write this while Hunter was playing outside and Carter was sound asleep- yet it has taken me nearly two hours because I had to apply sunscreen (to a very wriggly toddler), heard "more salami mommy" from my little carnivore no less than 4 times, refereed a water fight (where someone brought out the hose) and feed Ketch (who can't even be hungry with all the food scraps he has been scrounging form the kids).

So, taking time to write falls to the bottom of the list all too often, and when a crack of time appears,
blogging struggles to be even in the top 5 of things to do first.

But, I keep doing it because I really love writing. It's been fun to read back over the last 4 years. Sometimes I cringe, reading what I said, or the typos that I have made, but a lot of time, I laugh. Life is funny and I'm glad I've captured even a little bit of it here. I have visions of someday printing the whole thing out and putting it in a book for myself. It's the diary I never had.

So, even if posts come once a month, its better than nothing. Since I write for me and to remember our life, pace isn't important.

I did manage to get Carter's weekly photos up and I'm ALMOST up to date with them.  I still get lost in the black hole of comparing his and Hunter's first years' photos.

I did start an instagram account recently, feel free to follow me over there. That is also connected to my Facebook page, so feel free to pick your poison.

Thanks for sticking with me. More baby and puppy pictures to come.